Nutrition 101

Healthy eating means different things to different people. At Nutrition Ignition we believe that healthy eating is eating foods that:

  • Give us all the nutrients our bodies need to function, and
  • Give us the energy we need to do the things we like to do!

ALL FOODS FIT in this definition of healthy eating! The key is to be sensible – eat nutritiously most of time and enjoy “other” foods every once in a while. Remember: food is to be enjoyed!

Canada’s Food Guide

The new Canada’s Food Guide emphasizes the importance of making healthy food choices and eating habits. Click here to learn more about Canada’s Food Guide or here to put it into action!

A Healthy Plate

The healthy plate model is a simple guide that helps you plan both your and your child’s meals. Using the healthy plate model is a great way to eat more variety of the foods you love.

How to Create a Healthy Plate

Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill 1/2 of your plate with vegetables or fruit. Vegetables should be the star of the plate.
  2. Fill 1/4 of your plate with grain products with a focus on whole grain foods.
  3. Fill 1/4 of your plate with protein foods. Try to choose plant proteins over animal proteins.
  4. Have one glass of water or other beverage.
  5. Choose fruit more often for a delicious dessert.

Even when using the healthy plate model, remember to eat a variety of foods that you enjoy!