This website was developed and designed by the Nutrition Ignition! team for all our Nutrition Ignition! schools and families. Its goal is to provide you and your family with up-to-date and accurate healthy eating and physical activity information that you can trust. It also aims to provide you with helpful tips and recipes to make you and your families’ lives a little bit healthier.

For Parents

The Nutrition Ignition! website will provide you with the information your child is learning in our program along with additional resources.

For Students

The Nutrition Ignition! website contains recipes for all your favourite Snack Attacks!, field trips and more.

For School Staff

The Nutrition Ignition! website contains lessons and additional information on healthy eating, physical activity and yummy recipes.  These are for you to use, expand on and alter as you wish and see fit.  Contact us for questions or to make any comments or suggestions about the Nutrition Ignition! program.

The Nutrition Ignition! team hopes you find this website useful and informative and look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration toward building a healthier and stronger school community!